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December 23, 2020 3 min read

Contrary to popular belief, a man’s beard isn’t always supposed to be left to grow wild and free. While you can rock the lumberjack look, nothing looks better than well-kept facial hair. Beard products are widely available to create a smooth and incredible finish, which will give off a manly aesthetic. 

Beard and skin care products are now being used by the everyday man compared to the typical hair shampoo and conditioner because of their significant after-effects. You’ll never want to use your usual scalp care products after investing in a good bear cream and other essential oils to keep your facial hair healthy. 

A More Attractive Beard With Beard Products

At first glance, shampoo and conditioner made for scalps might seem suitable for use for your beard. However, you might be damaging the fibers on your face if you continue using the potent chemicals found in scalp care products. You’ll definitely want a good beard wash and softener to have smoother growth and improved hair flow. 

Beard wash is excellent because it strips the skin from natural oils. The face is typically more sensitive than the scalp, which means exposing harsh chemicals to it can make it dry, developing pimples and rashes. Beard and skin care go hand in hand, as facial hair grows from the same skin that dermatologic products try to target. Your beard might develop plenty of oils throughout the day and can even accumulate plenty of harmful dust and grime. 

While shampoo is meant to remove oiliness in hair to keep it from shining and looking overly greasy, beard oils are intended to regulate sebum, which this article will discuss. 


Sebum controls the amount of water that enters and exits skin to prevent it from developing infections. When too much sebum is present, this can clog pores and cause pimples and dermatological rashes. Beard products are meant to remove some sebum formations while keeping your facial hair moisturized and slick. Too much shampoo use can eradicate sebum, which can mess with your skin’s chemistry and pH levels and cause issues with its health. 

Other Benefits of Using Beard Products

High-quality beard products contain the best ingredients that are anti-inflammatory and safe for use. Some might even be vegan-friendly with only the most natural ingredients. Stay away from cheap products that might use harsh chemicals because those are typically cheaper to produce. 

Additionally, bearded individuals will know the difficulties of itchiness, which isn’t usually because of an allergic reaction. Most times, beard itch is caused by the lack of beard and skin care, as the skin around lacks hydration and has irritation due to bacterial growth. Keeping your facial hair clean is essential to stay comfortable throughout the day. 

Dandruff is also an issue many beard-donning people face, and it’s never nice to see snowfall coming down from your facial hair. It looks terrible and makes a mess, which you’ll want to avoid if you’re going on a date with the person of your dreams. Choose the right beard products and even use a beard cream to prevent dryness from causing flaky skin. 


A man’s beard is something that can change his look and turn him into a whole new person. However, not many people pay attention to properly taking care of their facial hair, which causes plenty of problems with dry skin and other dermatological issues. Fortunately, using the best products can help conduct beard and skin care, so invest in a set of suitable creams, cleansers, and oils today. 

The Unshaved offers some of thebest beard products for men to care for their facial hair and promote better follicle growth. A man’s skin care shouldn’t be disregarded because growing a beard rests heavily on their skin quality. Browse our healthy collection of hair care products on our website today.

Matthew Rotter
Matthew Rotter

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