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by Matthew Rotter January 28, 2021 3 min read

Growing a beard means you’ll need to know when to stop its growth, depending on where you want to stop and maintain its length. You can sport a light, medium, or heavy stubble, depending on what style you want to have. It’s a decent starting point where you can start developing your beard until it reaches its optimum fluff and volume. However, there’s an in-between phase that amateurs may not be familiar with. It’s the middle ground of having more than a stubble but a little less than a beard, also known as the awkward beard phase.

Understanding the awkward beard phase

Everyone has had a clean and fresh haircut straight from the barbershop. However, after a few weeks of hair growth, you start seeing how unkempt its growth looks like. This is a similar stage you’ll go through during the first two to four weeks of beard growth, depending on how fast you grow your hair.

It’s not uncommon for newbie beard growers to back out of their new look since it’s neither trimmed nor fluffy. Nevertheless, it’s a necessary phase you need to go through to have the beard style you’re going for.

Going through the awkward beard phase

Your beard will look patchy and short, with some slow-growing beard hairs becoming the most noticeable part of your face. Naturally, this will make you want to trip and reshape your beard. In some cases, you may want to shave it off completely. However, you need to keep calm and understand that it’s all part of the process.

Have the two-month growth period as your benchmark of whether you should back out or push through with your new look. This means you have to survive 60 days at most with your awkward beard phase. Afterward, you can decide if you should take your beard in another direction.

Using the right tools to manage your beard growth

Besides the cosmetic issues of your awkward beard phase, you’ll also have to deal with an itchy chin and sideburns. The itchiness usually happens when short beard hairs curl up and prick the skin. This is more prominent for people who have curly hair and sensitive skin. To keep your face from being uncomfortable, you can apply beard oil or a lotion-based beard moisturizer. Doing this routine twice a day will keep your beard from being flaky and problematic with the added effect of keeping your beard areas hydrated.

Another option you can try is blow drying your beard hair after getting out of the shower. Since it’s not the most effective way of flattening your hair, you can follow it up by using beard wax to straighten your still-growing facial hair.


There’s practically nothing you can do to avoid going through the awkward beard phase. This is why the best response is to let it happen and let things fall into place. Although you may want to compare your current beard growth to others, it’s important to remember that everyone has their own beard journey. Thankfully, the pandemic allows you to grow your beard without fearing the judgmental looks of others in public. Wearing a mask helps the young beard hairs to stay in hiding until they reach maturity to form the bearded look you aspire to have.

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