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by Matthew Rotter April 02, 2021 3 min read

Aloe vera is a medicinal plant that has been commonly used for a multitude of different health conditions. And while aloe vera has been quite popular when it comes to skincare, not many people know that the plant can also be quite helpful for beard growth and beard care. Indeed, this medicinal plant has a slew of benefits when it comes to maintaining a healthy beard!

If you want to know more about just how this plant can help your beard, read on as we break down everything you need to know about aloe vera and beard growth!

Common Myths about Aloe Vera

Before we talk about what aloe vera can do for your beard, let’s first talk about what it can’t do. 

There’s a common misconception that aloe vera can be used to lighten the color of a beard. This stems from the fact that it does contain both vitamin C and salicylic acid. In theory, the plant has properties that have a bleaching effect on hair. Now, this just isn’t the case. While aloe vera can slightly lighten hair, its effects aren’t visible enough to be considered as an alternative means to dye hair!

Now, another fact that many people get wrong is the misconception that aloe vera alone is enough to have a healthy beard. What people fail to realize is there are several factors that affect beard health. While the medicinal plant in question is great for its moisturizing purposes, other beard products are also required to have a healthy beard.

Benefits of  Aloe Vera

So, what can aloe vera do for your beard? When used correctly, it can be quite useful when it comes to beard care.

As mentioned above, aloe vera has great moisturizing effects. This is because it contains vitamins C and E along with other components that have a positive effect on your skin and hair. This is particularly useful as your skin tends to get really dry when you have a thick beard. On top of that, dryness is what causes many of the issues associated with growing a beard, such as itchiness and beard dandruff.

Aloe vera is great for promoting beard growth as well. The plant is made up of proteolytic enzymes that aid in healing and repairing damaged cells in your scalp. This is why it also helps promote hair follicle health, which then boosts hair growth!

How to Use Aloe Vera

While rubbing aloe vera on your face is a viable option, keep in mind that there are still better ways to incorporate the plant in your beard care routine. There is also a slew of different products that include aloe vera. In fact, one of our most popularbeard products is the Aloe & Hemp Beard Wash. Since dirt, grime, and food particles tend to get stuck in your beard, our beard wash can help keep your beard clean as it can get rid of all the dirt and impurities. The beard wash also contains salt, which can help cleanse your pores and balance oil production in your facial hair!


Hopefully, this article has helped you understand the many benefits that aloe vera can have on your beard. Indeed, incorporating aloe vera in your beard care regimen is a great way to achieve an overall healthier and cleaner beard. At the same time, be sure to avoid believing any myths and misconceptions that can affect your beard care routine!

The Unshaved offers the bestbeard products that help promote beard health and follicle growth. Check out our website today to find a product that works for you!

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