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by Matthew Rotter November 19, 2020 3 min read

A beard can take anywhere from three to six months to grow, and the process of doing so is rife with challenges. You are likely to experience irritation and dryness of the skin in some way. It might even result in beard dandruff. When growing a new beard, this is the most difficult part of the process. It is the point where many give up and shave the whole thing off, forever forgoing the fantastic feeling of bearing your own mane. 

Luckily, there are plenty of things you can do to alleviate the itching, rawness, and flaking. Before we go into those, however, let’s talk about what causes beard dandruff.

Understanding beard dandruff

The two main causes of beard dandruff are dry skin and fungal infections. The number one cause of dryness is bad skincare. The use of harsh cleansers and soaps can dry out the skin, as well as any number of factors like dehydration, overexposure to sun, extreme cold, and so on. Everyone with a beard will experience it occasionally throughout their lives, so this should be no cause for concern. 

The less common fungal infection may also occur at times. This normally originates from yeast on the skin that is deprived of sunlight. Sunlight normally kills and slows the growth of fungus, but if you have a beard, this may be a little bit more challenging. The fungus will feed on the sebum (skin oil), causing the skin to dry and flake. 

The step-by-step guide to reducing the flakes

Beards need special care. Having a glorious mane of chin hair goes beyond just growth; there are careful steps to its care that involves the use of high-quality beard care products, the use of which should adhere to the following procedure:

  • Wash your beard using an all-natural beard wash. Regular soaps and shampoos are not made for the sensitivity of the face, so it is important to use the right products. This stage is meant to remove bacteria, fungi, and other harmful pathogens present on your skin and beard. This step should be performed at least once a day. 
  • Use a beard conditioner.This step is to ensure that your hair and skin are at proper moisture levels. This does need to be done on a daily basis. Once a week should be fine. 
  • Dry your beard properly.Leftover water in your beard can not only dry out your hair if the water has a slightly acidic pH level, but it can also encourage the growth of certain types of fungi and bacteria. It is important to dry the area gently with a soft towel. Drying with high heat or scrubbing too hard with a rough towel can hurt your skin. 
  • Use a beard brush to brush out your beard.A brush can act as an exfoliant that not only strips dead cells away from the hair and skin, it can stimulate circulation. Better circulation means healthier follicles and faster growth. It is also one of the easiest ways to detect flaking. 
  • Apply your beard oils or balms.These products are chock-full of essential oils like coconut, jojoba, sunflower, avocado, and so on. These oils are wonderful replacements for lost sebum and can moisturize dry skin. Aside from that, many of these are capable of killing and preventing the spread of fungi. 

It should also go without saying that you should moisturize and take care of your skin as well, as better skin also leads to a better beard. Should the flaking and dryness persist, or should your skin break out in scales, consult a dermatologist. Psoriasis and other skin conditions might be affecting your skin quality. 

Final thoughts

Being able to grow a beard is a privilege, one that comes with its own set of responsibilities. Though you might experience some itching and flaking, these can be dealt with if you have the right beard care products and a grasp of how to take care of your bountiful bush of facial hair.

If you’re looking for the rightbeard care products on your journey of growth, send us at The Unshaved a message. We provide the best all-natural products with no harmful chemicals and no animal testing.

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