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July 09, 2021 2 min read

Men’s fashion has evolved. Beards are long hair are back in fashion, no longer considered unmanly or unkempt. But one of the struggles that come with growing beards for men is that they can be itchy and uncomfortable. However, there are things men can do to alleviate the itch and grow their beards comfortably.

Keep it Clean.

As soon as the hair grows from the chin, around the mouth, and across the sideburns, it will start to itch. The discomfort comes from the hairs that start to puncture the skin, causing irritation. Meanwhile, as the hairs grow longer, they can catch the dead cells that fall off your face. As the dead skin clump up on the facial hair, it can also cause irritation.

Never use regular shampoo on your beard. Instead, use specialized beard shampoos to help with the flaking. Your scalp and face skin are different from each other, much like your head and facial hairs. 

Wash it Regularly.

Ideally, you should wash your facial hair 2–3 times a week. It’s easy to overdo the washing and cause the healthy natural skin oils to dry up and damage hair follicles. However, doing it properly should keep your facial hair hydrated and moisturized. 

Washing with a mild beard soap should be a great alternative for specialized beard washes. The soap should be able to clean and moisturize your beard and keep its natural oils. Using boar bristles to brush and exfoliate the dead skin cells on your face is also a great start.

Maintain It.

If you’re someone who has been growing a beard for a while, there is a huge chance it will itch, even if it has been there for quite some time. The main reason for itchiness is because the hair is damaged from heat styling or harsh soaps.

When hair follicles are damaged, the damage can spread from the tip to the root. Damage also slows down hair growth and irritates the follicles as they emerge. Once the damage is treated, healing will commence, and the itch and irritation can subside.

Conditioning it Frequently.

No matter how healthy hair is, it still needs to be conditioned regularly. However, keep in mind that the conditioner for your scalp is different from the required conditioner for your beard. Regular hair conditioners have harsh chemicals that can easily irritate the sensitive skin on your face.

Meanwhile, a beard conditioner is less irritating. When deciding which beard conditioner works best, don’t rely on the brand name. Instead, focus on the ingredients and contents. Look for conditioners that contain Argan and Jojoba Oil. Argan is best for growing thicker and softer hair.


Expressing yourself through your beard is a great thing. Growing it shouldn’t be uncomfortable for men. Instead, it should be as easy as women growing their own hair. Through proper cleaning, washing, maintenance, and conditioning, growing a beard should be easy.

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Matthew Rotter
Matthew Rotter

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