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November 13, 2020 3 min read

The boom in beard culture has resulted in multitudes upon multitudes of beard care products on the market. As beards and the community surrounding them grow, more complex concerns arise as it pertains to the grooming of men. 

With all the beard care products out there, it might be a challenge to figure out which ones can be used in tandem to yield the greatest results. A common question we are asked is whether it is possible to use beard oils and balms together. To answer that question, we are going to analyze these products in depth. 

The difference between beard oils and beard balms

Beard oils are a mixture of essential oils and other ingredients that is rubbed into the beard after a shower. These oils are meant to replenish and rehydrate the hair, skin, and follicles to ensure healthy growth. The most notable effect of using beard oils regularly is less itching and flaking. On occasion, beard oils are also used to soften the stiff hairs of a beard, allowing it to have a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. 

Beard balms, on the other hand, are created from a mixture of creamier ingredients on top of the beard oil. It is not uncommon for beard balms to contain a combination of shea butter and beeswax. Beard balms serve all the same purposes as beard oils, but have a greater focus on creating a strong hold on your hair. They are quite often used to bring structure to a stubborn mane. 

When you need both

The best time to use beard oils and balms together is when the beard is still in what you consider the growth stage. The early stages of a beard can be itchy, which can be alleviated by a bard oil. As more patches of hair come out, it might be useful to have a beard balm on hand to control the unkemptness of a beard in the middle of its growth. 

These beard care products are also perfect during the winter months, as brisk air can cause drying of the hairs. This can make the strands brittle and more prone to breakage. A conditioning oil and balm should work best to keep your beard healthy and well-kept. 

How to use them together

When using beard oil and balm together, remember that the former comes first. A dime-sized amount on the palm should do. Rub these into your hands until the sides of your fingers are coated, and then rub it thoroughly into your beard. Each strand on your beard, from the root to the end, should be coated with this oil. 

Next, take out a small amount of beard balm and rub it into your hands. This will melt it. After it has melted, rub it right into your beard in the same way that you did the oil. If you have a longer beard, use your fingers to comb the mane into shape or use a beard brush and comb. 

Final thoughts

Having a beautiful beard is more than just waiting for it to grow. There is no beard that grows perfectly, and it will likely need grooming and trimming to look clean and shapely. This involves the use of the right beard care products, such as oils and balms, if you want to achieve a good look.

If you’re looking for the bestbeard care products, send us at The Unshaved a message. We provide the highest-quality oils, balms, and butters to give you the highest-quality beard. 

Matthew Rotter
Matthew Rotter

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