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by Matthew Rotter September 18, 2020 2 min read

There is no better time to grow a beard than when the climate begins to cool down. Fall is the perfect time to have that glorious mane of bodacious hair upon your chin, as it provides protection from that crisp, cold air. In the drier, cooler air of fall, your beard is more likely to behave as opposed to the frizz you might get from a humid summer. 

That being said, having a beard is a two-way relationship. Just as it can protect you from the elements, you should protect it. The right beard care process and the right products, such as all-natural beard washes, can make it fuller, softer, and resistant to damage from cold weather. 

Proper tools

Any length of beard has its own grooming concerns. Shorter beards need a lot of fine-tuning of the little details, meaning you will need a good trimmer set with multiple length settings. The grooming of fuller beards requires grooming tools like beard clippers, a beard brush, and various combs. 

Proper trimming

For a full beard, also known as the Chin Pillow, you will need to trim only very lightly to make sure it remains symmetrical throughout the growth process. You will, however, need to trim more regularly than you might expect. After all, no beard grows perfectly. Certain areas of your face will experience faster hair growth. 

Longer hairs are also more prone to split ends. Regular trimming will snip off these split ends, giving your hair a softer feel that is less abrasive and itchy against the skin. 

As we’ve mentioned before, the trimming of short beards would be made far easier with a good set of trimmers. At shorter lengths, asymmetries and flaws are more visible, so it is important to take note of the details. It might also help to finish off with a razor for better lines and boundaries. 

Proper cleaning

Longer beards mean more of your facial hair to worry about. Just like the hair on top of your head, you will need the right products to keep it healthy. That means it needs to be kept clean with all-natural beard washes, the right beard oils, and other regular grooming methods. 

For short beards, you might benefit from a special facial soap with a mild moisturizer rather than a beard wash. Shorter hairs are more likely to irritate the skin. To protect both the hair and the skin, make sure to apply beard oil. 

In either case, you could also add a leave-in beard conditioner to maintain the beard. Not only can this keep the beard shiny and fluffy, but it can also keep the beard smelling pleasant. 

In conclusion

Beard maintenance is no easy task. It is not just about growing your beard; it is about employing the proper tools, proper trimming, and proper cleaning. Products like clippers, combs, all-natural beard washes can help you feel and look sexier with your long fall beard. All these things, with some patience and discipline, and you can have the perfect mane of your dreams. 

If you’re looking for all-natural beard washes and other beard care products, send us a message at The Unshaved. We have a great selection of products for enthusiasts of the glorious beard. 

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