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October 08, 2021 3 min read

For every man with facial hair, tending to their beard would be one of the most essential parts of their day. While most are concerned about their skin, blemishes, and hairstyles, bearded people are more accustomed to applying the necessary products to keep their beards presentable and tidy daily.

Some would use beard balms, while others may prefer to apply specialized beard butter. No matter the substance, they are significant enough to take up a few minutes of a man’s precious time, and that is all for an excellent reason. It may seem like an unnecessary part of their day until you realize that they provide many benefits that significantly improve a person’s appearance and quality of life.

If you are curious about their different advantages, no need to worry. We have listed a couple of them below for your reference. While you’re free to choose a style that best suits you, it is important to remember that proper maintenance and care are necessary—and often entail using beard balm and butter:

1) They Prevent You from Having an Itchy Beard

You will no longer have to worry about scratching your chin throughout the day. You can simply rely on beard balms and butter to give you that much-needed soothing feeling. Itchy beards are often the result of dried facial hair, which is why the balms are as significant as any other type of conditioner for the hair on your head.

They provide the needed moisture that won’t cause your beads to stiffen throughout the day. Simply put, the products will keep it moisturized enough to ensure your comfort throughout the day. 

2) They Protect Your Beard from Harmful, External Elements

Whether you are living in a country or region that has a cold or a warm climate, you still need to protect your beard with the help of beard balms. They provide a thin layer of protection that will fend off any extreme temperature that may ruin the growth of your facial hair. 

The same principle applies to the hair on your head, with the slight difference that your beards need more attention, giving you more reasons to use these facial care treatments. They also provide shine onto your beard, which often gets lost after being dried out by the heat of the glaring sun.

3) They Provide More Volume Towards Your Beard

If short, think beards are your preference, then this may not be a problem for you. However, for those who prefer to have a thick volume of beard, balms and butter are needed to ensure good and steady growth of hair.

The thing about beard growth is that it usually depends on the genes of the person. If they do not have the necessary hereditary traits to have a thick beard, they may miss out. The good news is that beard balms may at least function as a workaround to that problem.


Beard balms and butter are essential products for anyone with a beard. While not all beard types are the same, proper care and maintenance can help bring out their best states, beyond just how it looks. 

Beard balm and butter can quickly mitigate an itchy beard, protect it from extreme temperatures and weather, and add more volume. Indeed, it says a lot about how important they can be in your daily routines. 

If you are looking forbeard care products to maintain the gloss and thickness of your facial hair, look no further than our selections here at The Unshaved. We offer a wide variety of beard and skincare products that may help you achieve that perfect, long-lasting look. Order yours today!

Matthew Rotter
Matthew Rotter

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