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by Matthew Rotter March 11, 2021 3 min read

The modern man is extremely diverse and holds different aesthetics that are unique to each and every individual. In today’s world, having a beard is something that is common and has different effects on a man’s appearance. Some men love to let their facial hair grow like a lumberjack’s, while others like a tapered and cleanly-trimmed beard. Those who cannot grow their facial hairs to their full extent are often stuck looking for ways to grow their beards because they look really cool. 

However, men who grow facial hair might often experience times where they feel like going for a trim or a clean shave. Some jobs might require a clean shave or at least a trimmed-down beard for professionalism, while others don’t really mind the wild growth. An issue that many people go through when shaving is that they get a beard rash, which is itchy and uncomfortable. Here’s our guide to dealing with the itches and scratches, and where to fix your shaving routine:

First, What Causes Beard Rashes?

If you regularly shave your beard or facial hairs and you’re experiencing itchy sensations and extremely sore skin, this is a sign of rashes. These things happen when your beard and skin care routines are not properly done and cause dry skin. Hairs on your face are curlier and normally have a different feel than that of your head hairs, and these can cause discomforts because of these fibers growing out of your chin. The friction between hair and skin will often cause itchiness and make you feel sore after every shave. 

Solving Beard Rashes

Pay attention to how you usually shave and you’ll likely see why you’re feeling discomfort and developing rashes. One common cause of beard rashes is shaving dry. It might seem time-consuming to apply shaving cream and other beard products like after-shave, but if you skip these steps, you’ll likely irritate your skin. To solve this problem, ensure that you take your beard and skin care routine hand-in-hand and seriously because the right beard oils and other products can remove your rashes. 

Another common cause for rashes is using a disposable razor. While you’re learning, a disposable razor is a nice way to step into the world of shaving. However, once time goes by and your hairs start to harden, it’ll cause more harm than good to use disposables often. The trick is to invest in a proper shaver or razor once you get heavier into shaving, as these will keep your skin evenly touched by the blade instead of a cheaply-made one. 

Other people who grow their beards often develop dry skin under their beards because of using hair shampoos and bathing with hot water. If you’re going to clean your facial hair, it’s not advisable to use scalp shampoo products because they come with stronger chemicals that can remove the oils of your beard. After showering, always wash your facial hairs with cold water to ensure that the fibers don’t fray. Using natural beard oil after a hot shower is a good way to keep your facial hair and the skin underneath it rejuvenated and healthy. 

Overall, the trick to solving your beard rash woes is to invest in a good set of beard products that will keep its growth smooth due to the natural oils. It’s a good way to take care of your skin while keeping the strands of your facial hair strong and healthy. 


If you’re getting beard rashes and have dry skin, it’s likely that your shaving rituals are not being conducted correctly. There might be bad habits you’ve picked up from self-teaching shaving, while others might be too lazy to use various beard products. If you want to prevent rashes and dry skin, use the best natural beard oils and other after-shave ointments for healthy skin. 

The Unshaved offers some of thebest beard products for men to care for their facial hair and promote better follicle growth. A man’s skin care shouldn’t be disregarded because growing a beard rests heavily on their skin quality. Browse our healthy collection of hair care products on our website today.

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