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June 24, 2021 3 min read

It’s a common misconception that growing a beard is easy. And while it is true that all you really have to do is wait for hair to grow, you will face some challenges along the way. For example, not practicing proper grooming habits will lead to significant complications with your beard and skin. For people growing their beards out for the first time, it’s very common to experience dry skin.

Some people are lucky to be born with skin that doesn’t usually dry out, even if they don’t use moisturizer. However, people who want to grow beards always need extra care. Indeed, growing a beard means putting in the work when it comes to moisturizing and taking care of your facial hair and your skin.

Now, what kind of moisturizer should you be using if you have a beard? Will the standard facial moisturizer be enough, or do you have to use specific beard products? If you want to know the answer to these questions, read on as we discuss how beards can potentially change up your approach to skincare.

Is Regular Face Moisturizer Enough?

People with beards are prone to having dry skin, as they tend to wash their beards with the wrong products. While it’s important to keep your facial hair clean, using harsh products will dry your face out. This is especially true during the cold months of the year.

If you were already using a facial moisturizer before you grew out your beard, then you can just continue using it. Regularly applying moisturizer will help keep your skin from going dry.

What Beard Products Should You Be Using?

Despite being a helpful way to keep your skin hydrated, regular moisturizers weren’t really made with facial hair in mind. This is why you should also use specialized beard products to keep your facial hair lush and healthy. Now, there are two main choices when it comes to products designed to take care of your facial hair: beard balm and beard oil.

Beard balm functions as an all-in-one product. It acts as a moisturizer, conditioner, and styling aid that helps you keep your beard in place. On the other hand, beard oil acts as a moisturizer for both your beard and your skin. Beard oil also gives your beard a lovely sheen, which makes it look shiny and tidy.

Beard Balm or Beard Oil?

Now, which of the two should you be using? As we’ve already discussed in our article on beard products, the answer differs depending on the kind of beard that you have.

For people with shorter beards, beard oil should be enough to keep your beard healthy and hydrated. If your beard is on the thicker side, beard balm is definitely the way to go. Beard balm will be able to coat your entire beard without having to use too much of the product. It’s important to note that all beards are different. At the end of the day, you’ll want to try both to see which one works best for you.


We hope this article proves to be useful for helping you take better care of your skin and your beard. Now, it’s important to note that consistency is key. Whatever product you choose to use, just be sure to be consistent with your beard and skincare routines.

The Unshaved offers the best beard products that help promote beard health and better follicle growth. Browse our website to find a product that works for you!

Matthew Rotter
Matthew Rotter

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