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by Matthew Rotter November 26, 2020 3 min read

The myth that only women need to invest in several hygiene products is a false narrative that men should learn to debunk themselves. Men's care products aren't just a marketing ploy to separate shampoo brands to specific demographics. Since men have a different biological makeup, they will require particular blends and ingredients that will match their personal hygiene needs.

People who are brave enough to wear a full beard need to consider different maintenance products. For example, beard oil can nourish your hair and hydrate the skin underneath to prevent dry skin and dandruff. Besides giving you a clean look and keeping your beard from drying, bear oil has alternative uses to amp up your hygiene routine.

Making the most out of your beard oil

People who are already happy with their beard growth have a general idea of how much beard oil they'll need regularly. However, you may still have to estimate your purchases if you're not yet at your desired beard volume. It's not uncommon to buy in bulk for beard oil since you'll be using more of the product as your beard grows. Thankfully, there are other uses for beard oil that will be beneficial to your other hygiene practices.

If you have plenty of beard oil to spare, here are three surprising alternative uses you can have for it:

1. Wear it as an overnight beard mask

When your beard's hair shafts break apart, it will result in split ends, causing a frizzy and messy beard. Although it can be a gruff look for some, it appears dirty and too unkempt for others. A beard mask is a restorative treatment to manage the effects of dry or damaged beards. After showering before you sleep, apply double the amount that you usually put in your beard so that your hair can absorb its nutrients while you sleep. Rinse it out with cool water in the morning to flush out any residue.

2. Use it as a pre-shave oil

When you're using your razor, you're actually making small yet harmless cuts to your skin. These openings can be areas for bacteria in your razor's edge to transfer to while you're shaving. This is why people need both a pre-shave and aftershave treatment to remove these contaminants that can take advantage of your exposed skin and pores. You can use beard oil as a pre-shave product to keep your skin smooth and moisturized before applying your shaving cream.

Using warm water, rinse your face to clear off any dirt and oil and dry it with a towel. With a few pumps of beard oil in your hand, gently massage the areas you'll shave before you apply shaving cream.

3. Apply it as an aftershave after manscaping

Like your beard, your pubic hair can benefit from the smoothing and moisturizing advantages of beard oil. Applying it on a freshly shaved area will prevent ingrown hair and relieve you from any razor burns. The amount you should use depends on personal preference. You can go for a light coat or apply ample amounts if you have issues with chafing.


Keep in mind that not all beard oil blends will be great for these alternative uses. Cheaper brands tend to contain synthetic materials that can do more harm than good to sensitive skin. It's also smart to avoid oils that contain fragrances if you'll be using it for other purposes. This is why it's best to look for suppliers that have healthy ingredients in their products.

If you're looking for a beard oil shop that sells anall-natural beard wash, oil, balms, and butters for all your hygiene needs, we're the right company for you. We have a wide selection of beard care products to help you keep a healthy and stylish beard. Order from us today to complete your grooming kit with the best products available!

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