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by Matthew Rotter September 24, 2020 3 min read

It has been said that a beard to a man’s face can act like makeup for a woman’s. It adds great character and gravitas to not just your face, but your demeanor as well. It can accentuate all the right features and understate those that need to be concealed. With the right beard of bountiful facial hair, you can upgrade your physical attractiveness by a whole lot. 

That being said, you can use all the all-natural beard washes you want and grow as long a beard you want, but if you don’t match it to your facial features and the shape of your head, it might not do as much as you hope for your personal appearance. 

Most people think growing a beard is easy, but that can be furthest from the truth. It’s not just about waiting for hair to grow; it is a long process of grooming, trimming, and preparation so that you can have that perfect mane on manliness. 

The Golden Rule of Beard Shape for Long Beards

The golden rule on growing a beard is that your facial hair should complement and not match your face’s shape. If you have a rounded jaw, a rounded beard is not the way to go. Your beard should be a slight oval and never a perfect circle, ideally speaking. It should give your jawline smooth lines. This contrast can highlight your facial features instead of hiding them.

The Best Styles for Different Faces

For square faces with wide jawlines and square chins (like Brad Pitt, Arnold Schwarzenneger, and Dolph Lundgren), you’ll want to soften your aggressive chin by cutting the beard shorter on the sides and letting it grow longer on the chin.

For rounded faces and fuller cheeks (like Ben Affleck and Ryan Gosling), you’ll want a more oval or pointed beard by cutting thin on the cheeks and trimming your beard to a point. 

For a really pointy chin that overpowers the jawline (like Jay Leno), you’ll want to let the sides grow out a little bit and round out the bottom of your beard to give you a more balanced look.

Men with heart-shaped or diamond faces can cut their beards into almost any shape (lucky them), so long as they don’t go make the roundness or squareness of the beard too extreme. Weak chins or double chins can be enhanced with nearly any shape as well. 

In all cases, make sure to use the right products to maintain the look, such as all-natural beard washes and beard oils. 

Other considerations

You can also experiment with your mustache. If you feel your nose needs more emphasis, you can maintain the beard but shave the mustache to bring more attention to the face. This creates a perfect framing effect around the face. 

Goatees are also in fashion, especially for men beginning to lose their hair up top. You could go for the Walter White effect, shave your head, and shape the hair around your mouth to give you a fiercer, more authoritative look. 

Final thoughts

There is no end to how you can highlight your facial features with your beard. A snip there, some beard washes, and beard oil are all you need. With the right styling and patience, you could ramp up your attractiveness by sporting a manly and sleek beard. 

If you need beard products like all-natural beard washes to achieve this dream, send us at The Unshaved a message. We have a great selection of products to help you achieve that look you’ve always wanted. 

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