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December 30, 2020 3 min read

One amazing trend in the last ten years is the resurgence of rugged looks—of the beard. Beards of all shapes and sizes are now in vogue. One particular Hollywood figure that men have come to emulate is the ever-popular Jason Momoa. 

Jason Momoa is proof that the clean-cut look is not the only viable fashion option for men. Rugged and dangerous is now just as attractive, but as some of us know, sporting that style is not as easy as it looks. Many people think that having a beard is as simple as waiting, but the numerous beard products on the market are just evidence of the exact opposite.

As such, we have created this guide to recreating that amazing Aquaman/Khal Drogo look. In time, you could have those rugged good looks you’ve always hoped for. 

The Beard

Jason Momoa’s beard style is what is known as the Ducktail beard. It is a full-face beard style with a pointy chin that resembles a duck’s tail. He usually keeps it at a length of four inches. On his cheeks is a more natural growth that is complemented by his long hair. 

What makes his look unique is the fact that it looks incredibly natural. He keeps it scraggly and unkempt in such a way that is appealing. This is incredibly difficult to pull off, and nine times out of ten, those who try to emulate it end up looking like Jason Mo-homeless rather than Jason Momoa. However, the right combination of beard products, grooming, and trimming can help you achieve this look. 

The Face Shape

The actor who plays Aquaman has a diamond-shaped face. That means he has wide cheekbones, a narrow jawline, and a narrow forehead. In most cases, a diamond-shaped face also features a pointy chin and sloping jaw. Jaw shapes like this are well-complemented by the Ducktail beard (and other full beard types) simply because they add width and size.

If you choose to recreate this beard, it is important that you balance the look with the shape of your face. Balance the point of the beard to the roundness of your head, and make sure that the patches on your cheeks are even.

Growing the Beard

Different people grow beards at different rates. For the average person, it might take a full 8 months to grow a beard to four inches. You’ll also need to have a decent amount of growth covering your face if you are to recreate the Dothraki Khal look. The chin area is of particular concern. To help achieve this, it might be helpful to make use of beard products that stimulate growth. 

Your cheeks, however, can be a bit patchy. Not even the great Aquaman’s beard is perfect. Growing your hair out to his length can also help complete the look, but it is not always necessary. 

Trimming the Beard

Once you’ve achieved the proper length, you need to shape it properly. Here are the steps for doing so:

  • Using a beard trimmer without a guard comb, carve your beard into the ducktail shape around the jawline and chin area. 
  • Attach a quarter-inch guard comb and trim the sides down from the top of the ear to the bottom. 
  • Using your beard scissors, clean up the rough edges of the ducktail section of the beard. Try to make the chin look like the bird’s pointy tail. 
  • This is optional, but you may want to clean up the neck. Jason Momoa does not, but it might be better for you depending on the shape of your face and the extent of your growth. 
  • Clean up the mustache with your scissors. Trim away any rogue hairs that go over your mouth. 

Final thoughts

Modern times are a golden age for men’s fashion. Now more than ever, it is possible for a man to sport any number of different hairstyles, aesthetics, and beards. However, these all come with their own grooming concerns—the Momoa beard included. It is not just about waiting for the hair to grow; you have trim and maintain it to achieve that sort of look. 

Aside from time and attention, growing a beard requires the rightbeard products for the job. Have a look at our selection at The Unshaved for quality products that are made from all-natural ingredients that were never tested on animals. 

Matthew Rotter
Matthew Rotter

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