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by Matthew Rotter July 16, 2021 3 min read

A lot of men consider their beard to be more critical than head hair. To those men, they spend a lot of time grooming their beard to make sure that it looks good. What they don’t know is that facial hair can get smelly at times, and it can be a big problem if that beard stench isn’t taken care of immediately. 

On sunny days, the skin can dry up, and even the chin isn’t safe from drying. When the chin dries up, your beard might be affected because of sweat. And when the beard takes in sweat, it can be smelly. 

While this is common, there are also other ways that your beard can get smelly. What are these factors affect your beard? Read on below.

The Causes 

  • Bacteria: The most apparent factor that leads to beard stench is bacteria. Since your beard is essentially hair, it can take in bacteria that contribute to odor development.
  • The Environment: Like how it is with your head hair, your beard can also be affected by the environment. Particles such as smoke and dust can take up on your beard, leading to the stench.
  • Food: If you have a long enough beard, eating food can get a bit messy because food particles get stuck in your beard. When you don’t wash your beard after eating, it can contribute to a smelly beard.
  • The Sebum: Sebum is a substance that the skin produces to keep your beard conditioned. If you don’t wash your beard correctly, the sebum might build-up, and it will lead to a smelly beard.

  • Keeping Your Beard Stench-Free

    Now that you know the factors that can contribute to a smelly beard, below are the measures you can take to make sure your beard always smells good.

    #1: Clean Your Beard at Least Once a Day

    Nothing says beard maintenance like cleaning it every day. There are many beard hair products that you can use to clean your beard. You don’t even need to do this many times in a day, but you can choose to do it once every day—much like showering!

    #2: Consider Exfoliating

    While deep cleaning for the face is an excellent way to take care of yourself, you should also exfoliate your beard as well. When you exfoliate, the particles in your solution wash the beard well, which allows for a clean smell. Not only that but exfoliating the beard also keeps it soft.

    #3: Invest in Beard Oil

    Beard oils are made with substances that help keep your beard smell good. And since it helps your beard smell good, it’s also good for your nose. As opposed to other products, your sense of smell is almost always taken aback because of strong smells. With beard oils, your nose is safe from strong odors while taking care of your beard.

    #4: Combine Beard Oil with Beard Balm

    While there are men who use beard oil, many don’t know that beard oils work best when combined with beard balms. As conditioners are for head hair, beard balms are for beards since they’re pretty much conditioners for your beard. A beard balm lets your beard be soft while protecting it from a bad smell.


    Your beard can accentuate your appearance, so you must take care of it. Your beard can also affect your socializing with other people if they sense a bad smell. So make sure to take care of your beard with the above measures, or else you’ll do yourself a disservice by ruining your beard.

    Your beard is a great first impression on other people. If you’re looking for the bestbeard care products, The Unshaved has what you need! We offer various beard care products such as beard oils, beard balms, and beard butter, to name a few. Order yours today!

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