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June 18, 2021 4 min read

Much like generation-defying art, well-built physiques, and superior intellects, the experience of growing a good beard is by no means a feat coincidence.

In a manner similar to carefully preparing marble sculptures or conducting surgery, taking care of the tuft of hair that you have on your face is an effort that requires care, patience, and attention to detail. Of course, upholding a level of no-nonsense beard work is guaranteed to reap its rewards by giving you a handsome mug after you meticulously trim and crop.

But how do you keep your beard looking great even during those days you don’t step out with a fresh cut? Well, this is where the whole idea of maintenance comes into the picture.

The importance of maintenance

As any beard or men’s care expert will tell you, “He who cares for his beard determines how great it looks”—a saying that will always make sense no matter how meticulous you are.

Although you may have a gifted pair of hands that can make your beard look glorious, the truth is that it is only half the equation because the habits you uphold determine how great it looks. Whether you have a patchy, thin, or thick bunch of scruff, exercising the necessary amount of care will go a long way towards keeping it looking its best all year round.

Beyond good looks, proper beard maintenance is also a critical process of being as hygienic as possible because well-groomed whiskers and “chin crowns” help keep your skin protected. By taking the time to follow a 15 to a 20-minute routine each day for your beard, you’ll be able to avoid problems like beard burn, dry skin, or skin irritations!

How do you start?

When it comes to getting your beard maintenance right, you’ll be watching out for three key concepts: minding the edges, trimming as needed, and nourishing both your skin and hair. To the uninitiated, following these three requirements can be quite a pain because there are many ways to do them, with some methods being a lot more complicated than others.

If you want to start caring for your beard and help ensure that it looks its absolute best, here are a few tips and tricks that can help you out:

For minding the edges: Your beard neckline should resemble a “U”

In the world of beard care, having a “U-shaped” beard neckline is considered the foundation of a great-looking and feeling man patch.

Among the different shapes that you can use when minding the edges, a “U” shape is seen as a staple choice because they take care of facial hair well enough to avoid having necklines creep into the cheeks and underside of the chin—avoiding a neckbeard kind of effect. Fortunately, creating the best beard neckline simply involves following these steps:

  1. Take your index and middle finger, and place them together above the Adam’s apple to determine the baseline for the bottom of the beard.
  2. Set a line from the above-determined point straight across the neck with your trimmer or razor first and then trim the hairs below.
  3. From the point above the Adam’s apple, shave a “U” shape from the back of both ears, behind the jawline, as this creates the shape that you’re looking for.

For trimming as needed: Relax your face while trimming your mustache

While it may be a small strip of hair when compared with the rest of your beard, your mustache can make or break your facial hair because it acts as a crowning piece— like the hair on your head.

Fortunately, keeping your mustache well-trimmed doesn’t have to be difficult because keeping your face relaxed during a trim will work wonders. By maintaining a normal resting face when trimming, you’ll be able to ensure that your facial hair’s “crown” stays even no matter what expression you’re making!

For nourishing both your skin and hair: Invest in the best products

Having a wonderful-looking beard is only possible if you start investing in and using the best products for your skin and hair because your beard’s appeal comes from its state of health.

Although beard and skincare may be the least of your worries, it should be the opposite because the hair on your face won’t flow, shine, and be as thick as it needs to be if you’re not treating it with the right items. Fortunately, The Unshaved carries a whole roster of products that you can stock up on to keep everything looking nice and healthy:


When it comes to keeping your beard in perfect shape, nothing does it better than a good round of maintenance and lots of attention to detail. By watching out for the key points mentioned above, you’ll be able to ensure that your tuft of facial hair is as healthy and amazing-looking as possible!

The Unshaved takes pride in helping men take better care of their beards with the finest beard products in the Pacific Northwest. Check out our online store and place your order today!

Matthew Rotter
Matthew Rotter

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