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by Matthew Rotter April 29, 2021 3 min read

Having a beard can be a great way to work on your best attributes, especially when you want to accentuate your facial features and hairstyle. However, you have to pay extra attention to beard growth tips and grooming at each stage. It’s a way to track your progress, get rid of any unruly spit ends, and get the best results. 

If this is the first time you are committing to beard growing, it can be a welcome change to boost your styling potential. Thus, use this guide about beard growing stages to help you achieve success. 

The clean-shaven stage

You may think that once you are past the teenage years, you can easily get a beard overnight or in a few days. However, that is not the case for everybody, especially when you consider genetics, age, and even health habits. In fact, some would be grateful to have a few chin hairs spouting out. Luckily, if you want to put your focus on growing out of the clean-shaven or “naked” stage, there are tried-and-tested ways. 

First, you have to work on your health, specifically by changing your diet to a high protein one packed with vitamins A and E. You should also eliminate junk food entirely to encourage healthy hair growth. At this stage, you can do the bare minimum grooming, such as using some natural beard oil and gentle soap to let the chin hairs pop out faster. After a few days or weeks, you should develop stubble.

Stubble stage 

The sight of stubble is like a “proof of life” for many amateur beard growers. However, it’s known as one of the toughest stages for beard growth veterans since they know it’s often the most unruly. If you don’t know how to control it, it can grow unevenly and look more like a mess rather than something worth showing off. 

Therefore, you should stay determined and find the best beard balm to ensure the hairs grow downward. If you also want to brush the stubble, you can do so with a bristle brush. Just ensure you don’t use it on your scalp since you may cross-contaminate the developing beard with dandruff. 

The filling-up or shaping-up stage

For a true bearded person, the filling-up or shaping-up stage is a milestone worth celebrating since getting to this point means you worked hard to get your “almost-beard” into your desired look. In fact, this stage signifies the need for beard shaping by using either your brush or a shaping guide. Also, don’t forget to keep using that natural beard oil and other related products.

Full face or luxurious chin mane stage

Once there’s a noticeable amount of hairs around your face, you can finally congratulate yourself and others who have been instrumental in beard growing because you are now at the summit of your journey: the full beard stage! 

Just because you have met your beard growth goal doesn’t mean you no longer have to maintain your beard. You have to continue cleaning it, cutting out any loose hairs, and ensure it doesn’t grow past your neck. 


As your beard develops into a burly mane, you need to nurture it with the proper grooming habits. You should also stock up on the essentials to ensure you can encourage your chin hairs to grow. Meanwhile, if you are having trouble finding the ideal resources you need, check out what we have to offer!

The Unshaved can provide you with all-naturalbeard care products to ensure you can grow and groom your beard at every stage. We create a simple yet effective range of items that have not been tested on animals, ensuring you of their highest quality and value for money. Purchase them today and enjoy our deals, like free shipping for orders in the US and Canada that are 50 dollars and more! 

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