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by Matthew Rotter January 15, 2021 3 min read

One of the most difficult things about growing a beard is the itchiness. Bearded men understand that there is a phase that is itchier than others, but that this must be surpassed if they are to achieve that full mane they so desire. That being said, the itching can sometimes get out of control, causing men to shave their beards too early. 

Want to grow your beard without fear of discomfort? A proper skin and beard care routine along with the right beard products can make this process a lot less itchy and a little less painful. To help you with that, we have created this guide for faster and more comfortable beard growth. Take a look!

1. It begins with the skin

One of the most important things to take care of is the skin. The skin is where your follicles are situated. The healthier the skin, the healthier the follicles. The healthier the follicles, the healthier the growth.

For best beard results, your skin must be clean of any impurities and treated with various skincare products to keep it healthy. Not only that, but you must be properly hydrated to keep the skin tight.

2. Exercise

People don’t often connect beards to exercise, but it has been shown that hair does grow faster with particular types of exercise. Cardio, brisk walking, running, cycling, and dance have all been seen to help speed up beard growth. This is likely due to the testosterone that gets released when humans participate in physical activity. 

3. Reduce stress

One of the long-term adverse effects of prolonged exposure to stress is hair loss. When the body is stressed, it releases a hormone called cortisol, which has a negative impact on testosterone development. It can also cause blood vessels to constrict, making it challenging for nutrients in the blood to reach the follicles. 

4. Get proper rest

The majority of the testosterone produced in the body is actually produced during sleep. Staying up too late and sleeping any less than the hours you need hampers the production of this hormone, which is essential for beard growth and muscle development. 

5. Improve your diet

Depending on how much you exert your body on a daily basis, you need a set amount of nutrients. Many of these nutrients go into energy production, others are used for cell production and regeneration. By ensuring that you receive the appropriate amount of nutrients every day and at every meal, you are ensuring that your follicles are properly supplied with the materials to grow hair in a healthy manner. 

This has the capacity to improve your skin quality as well. 

6. Use the right beard products

The right beard products can moisturize the skin and coat them with all the right essential oils for protection. They can also clean dirt and grime from your skin and beard, which might be hampering growth and increasing the risk of ingrown hairs. With the right products, you might just find that your beard is shinier, softer, and stronger. 

Final thoughts

What you soon might realize in the process of growing a beard is that it takes more than just waiting for things to happen. Your beard will always be better if you are healthier. This involves getting enough exercise, eating right, and taking care of your skin as much as your beard. 

If you’re looking forbeard products to hasten your growth and feel less itchy, send us at The Unshaved a message we have everything you need to go from bare and baby-faced to magnificent and manly. 

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