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October 02, 2020 3 min read

Washing your face and beard is often one of the first beard and skincare activities that we learn to do. However, improper washing habits can do just as much—if not more—damage than not washing at all. Besides rendering your skin and beard care products ineffective, improper beard and face care habits can also lead to skin damage. 

To help you avoid such an occurrence, here are five face and beard washing mistakes that you should stop doing immediately. 


Not using enough beard oil

While you never want to overdo it, not using enough beard oil will not give you the results you want, either. 

The best time to apply beard oil is right after washing your beard, as this is when your skin is at its cleanest. This is also the time when your skin’s pores are open, making it easier for water and other moisturizing agents to enter your skin.


Washing too much, or not washing at all

Despite what television commercials would have you believe, oil is not necessarily your face’s worst enemy—much less so for your beard. While an overabundance of oil can lead to acne and other skin conditions, excessively dry skin will also lead to itching, cracking, and bleeding. 

Your goal with washing should be to remove the accumulated dirt and grime as a result of the day’s activities, not strip it dry. For this reason, only wash your face twice a day at the maximum. 

As for your beard, don’t wash it more than twice a week under ordinary days. Your beard needs its natural oils to keep its luster, as well as to keep the skin from drying out and becoming itchy. However, if you work hard outdoors and get particularly dirty during the day, you will need to wash your beard accordingly. 

Just remember these three words: don’t overdo it. 


Using ordinary bath soaps for your face 

The skin on your face is more sensitive than the other parts of the body. Most of the time, ordinary bath soaps are too harsh for your face and will dry your face, beard included. 

If you want to keep your face and beard moisturized after a bath, use a specially formulatedface, beard, and mustache soap bar. While it will do the job of cleaning your face just as well as any other bar soap, its extra oils will keep your face moisturized and your beard smooth. 


Using a washcloth

Unless you’re changing out your washcloths every day, they are generally a bad idea. Warm and damp environments are the perfect environment for bacterial growth, which effectively makes your washcloth a petri dish that you wipe around your body, face, and beard included. Instead of risking infection, use your hands instead. 


Rubbing your face overzealously

You went through all this trouble of choosing a specially-formulated soap bar that moisturizes your face instead of drying it, so don’t undo that by rubbing your face with a rough towel. Instead, pat it dry gently to help retain as much of the fatty acids, lipids, and proteins that protect your face from irritation and dryness. 


Effective skin and beard care are all about finding the balance between cleanliness and moisturization. Too much oil and you risk infections, while an overly dry beard and skin will be itchy, prone to flaking, and overall just doesn’t look good. For the best results, you have to use only the highest quality of beard products to grace your face’s skin—after all, it’s your face on the line!

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Matthew Rotter
Matthew Rotter

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