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February 25, 2021 3 min read

You’ve finally taken a leap of faith and decided to leave the society of the beardless by growing your own beard. Everything was going well in the first few months, but then you encountered something new and unexpected—your beard itches, a lot. Beard itch is what every man with a beard will have encountered in their entire bearded existence.

You’re probably worried, when will the itch stop. You try so hard to stop yourself from scratching, but there’s no stopping it. Before you give up and decide to get rid of your beard, there are actually ways to stop the itch and even prevent it from coming back. Here’s what you have to do:

Keep it Clean

No matter what you do, your beard tends to attract and hold a lot of dirt and a combination of dust, dead skin, and even food particles. All that buildup will mix with the sweat and the natural sebum on your beard scalp that’s causing irritation and itching. As a countermeasure, you should wash your beard thoroughly every single day. You need a strong beard cleansing regimen to remove all the dregs. Exfoliate, wash, rinse, and moisturize using natural beard care products to keep it clean throughout the day.

Don’t Over-Cleanse

While thoroughly cleansing your beard is essential, you shouldn’t overdo it. Using shampoo can strip your beard hair and skin of its natural oils, which actually provides an ample amount of protection on your mane. Use shampoo only 2-3 times a week, to avoid making it dry, crunchy and fuzzy.

Rinse it Twice Daily

After your cleansing routine, it’s best to rinse your beard with clean, warm water to make sure that no traces of shampoo or conditioner are left. Any left-over residue will absolutely dry your skin leading to irritation and dandruff. Double rinsing will make sure this won’t happen to your precious beard. After rinsing, make sure to pat it dry with a fresh, clean towel.

Moisturize With Beard Oil

Natural beard oil is a handy product that creates a barrier of protection over your skin. This makes it possible to lock in moisture and avoid dryness and flaking out. Remember, an excessively dry beard is an itchy beard. Putting beard oil as a final touch to your daily routine will moisturize, soften, and sustain your beard. Spray a generous amount of oil and massage the skin and the hair gently and thoroughly.

Comb and Trim Your Beard Regularly

Combing should also be part of your grooming routine. Actually, it should be one of the first steps you do before you even step inside the shower. While your beard is still dry, comb it thoroughly to remove any dead skin that’s already trapped between the follicles and the surface of the skin.

Giving your beard a good trim with a quality trimmer to keep it in good shape. You don’t have to do this if you’re still in the process of growing your stubble. Trimming is for the longer more lush beards. Avoid using foams, washes, or lotions when trimming since they can irritate the skin because of the harsh chemicals. Use only natural products.


Beard care isn’t as simple as riding a bike. It takes patience and commitment to keeping your beard clean, healthy, and dandruff free. Once you’ve committed yourself to doing all these beard grooming tips, your beard itch is sure to be washed away with all the dirt. Keep doing your cleansing routine and you won’t have beard problems to worry about.

If you’re looking for premium quality beard and skin care products, trust only The Unshaved. We carry only the highest quality beard oils, balms, and butters in our inventory. When it comes to growing and maintaining your beard, there’s nothing better than using our all-natural beard care products. Visit our store today to get all your beard grooming supplies!

Matthew Rotter
Matthew Rotter

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