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by Matthew Rotter September 04, 2020 3 min read

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The grooming concerns of black men are unique, especially since they are blessed with hair that is naturally coarse, thick, curly, and tightly coiled. When it comes to facial hair, this presents a particular concern: hair of this quality is more likely to cause ingrown hairs, especially for those who regularly shave. 

Shaving increases the chance of facial hair curling back into the skin, creating unsightly and painful bumps across the face. While there are plenty of products you can apply to your skin to help soothe or reduce the incidence of these bumps, it might be easier to let it grow into a beard instead.

This article will go over the grooming tips black, bearded men should be following. Here they are, with no further ado:

1. Avoid using commercial soaps and shampoos not made for beards

Dry skin is a problem all beard growers experience, but this caveat is magnified for black men, given their coarse and thick hair. As such, it is important to use products specifically made for this purpose, such as all-natural beard washes, beard oils, and beard balms, that are designed to hydrate the skin and hair. 

Commercial shampoos and soaps should be avoided, as they may actually strip the hair and the skin under the beard of the natural protective oils that keep them moisturized. 

2. Use products that even out beard growth

Patchiness is a problem all beard growers suffer early in their beard-growing careers, so it is ideal to have the right products on hand to help hair grow evenly. This is not a quick process, and it will take some time. During that growth and adjustment period, try to look into beard styles that can hide or downplay these patches.

3. Do not underestimate the importance of beard oils 

Beard oil is definitely an aspect of black men's beard maintenance you can't ignore. It is responsible for giving a lovely, healthy-looking sheen to your hair, in addition to coating it in conditioning and protective oils that keep it soft and luscious. It also serves to hydrate and protect the skin from the dryness men usually experience at certain stages in growing their beards. 

There are plenty of different varieties you can use, including grapeseed, apricot, and avocado oil, which all benefit facial hair and skin in different ways. There are also scented versions for special occasions.

4. Invest in the right tools 

If you plan to grow your beard to a certain length, you will need the right tools to groom it. It doesn't stop at all-natural beard washes, beard oils, and moisturizers. You need a beard comb to make sure the beard is uniform, and a beard brush if your beard is quite long. Beard scissors and clippers might also help if you plan to do some trimming yourself. And of course, it should go without saying that you should invest in skincare products to make sure the rest of your skin is healthy and smooth. 

In conclusion

The process is generally straightforward for most men, but black men have particular concerns that need to be addressed when thinking about beard care. Not only do you have to use specialized products like all-natural beard washes and the like, but you also have to pay special attention to the quality of the skin and hair so that you can keep your beard looking clean and fresh. 

If you're looking forall-natural beard washes and oils to use on your beard, send us a message at The Unshaved. We have a great selection of products for men with all types of hair. 

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