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February 11, 2021 3 min read

Impressive facial features can be a valuable asset worth maintaining. That’s why you have to take extra care of your beard since it can become messy if not managed properly. However, you may lack the knowledge and experience to groom it. But don’t worry; we have just the information you need to ensure your glorious mane grows healthily! 

This article will discuss three main tips for basic beard care. Take this as an opportunity to become more in tune with your needs and sense of style. This way, you can power through any task easily by being more self-assured.  

Wash it carefully, but don’t overdo it 

It’s a given that you need to wash your chin hairs like you would for other hairy areas. However, you shouldn’t be doing so regularly since you may dry out the follicles, damaging your beard. It can also lead to dandruff and other scalp issues, affecting your daily life since you will develop an uncontrollable itching sensation. 

The best way to wash your beard is to use beard wash and other hygiene products. Most of them are recommended to use once or twice a week, but the number of washes can depend on your hair type, weather conditions, lifestyle, and health. It’s best to observe dryness and address it with some natural beard oil and other related products for your convenience. 

Style it properly 

You may like to follow different hairstyling trends, meaning you may like to braid your chin hairs or knot them to accentuate your physical features. While doing this during special occasions is alright, you have to restrain yourself if it’s getting to a point when stray hairs are falling out. It can be a sign of hair damage and more hair fall if you don’t address it.

As such, go for the simple, straight-down look. All you need is the appropriate comb to avoid cross-contamination with dandruff flakes from your scalp. You can also use beard butter to fix unkempt hairs. This way, even the strong gusts of wind and intense heat won’t mess up your healthy beard.  


Cut unruly follicles 

You may have two or three bearded friends and family members known for their unkempt chin hairs. Although it may be a popular style, it’s not something you should emulate, especially if you want to look presentable at work or school. That’s why you shouldn’t keep fly-aways and split ends as distinguishable factors for your beard. 

As a preventive measure, you have to cut all the stubborn curling follicles on your chin. Ideally, you shouldn’t let it grow all the way to your stomach. Most importantly, you must never trim your beard without looking at yourself in the mirror. These self-grooming guidelines will ensure you avoid any beard-related problems once you have to look your absolute best. 


Having a voluminous, well-groomed beard can be a great feature of your style. But it can be challenging to keep at it if you don’t have the right tools. Now, you have the working knowledge needed to maintain it properly. All you need are the best beard care products to manage it effectively. Work on highlighting your best physical features today! 

The Unshaved can provide you with top-qualitybeard and skin care products for your convenient grooming and self-care needs. We use all-natural, high-quality ingredients, ensuring you’re in good hands as you avoid exposure to harmful chemicals. Stock up on all the essentials with us to maintain your good looks and self-confidence! 

Matthew Rotter
Matthew Rotter

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