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by Matthew Rotter February 04, 2021 3 min read

If you have grown a beard before, you have likely experienced itchiness. While it does not last forever, it certainly is irritating. Once the beard grows long enough, the individual hairs will start to soften, eliminating the itch. 

However, growing is not only the factor that can cause your beard to itch. There are a few other causes that can leave you scratching more than you like.

Are you dealing with an itchy beard? If so, here are the possible causes and the ways to address them.

Dry skin


One of the most common reasons your beard may be itchy is that the skin beneath it is dry. This is often the issue with long beards, simply because the hair has a hard time staying moisturized. This can also lead to other problems like split ends and breakage, leaving your beard in disarray.

To fix this problem, you should purchase a good moisturizer. It can be anything from beard oils to balms that you can apply as needed. Another way to address dry skin is to shower with water neither too hot nor too cold. Also, avoid using hair products on your beard because they are not made for beard hair. The hair on your head is different from the beard, so use beard-specific products only.

Dirty beard

A dirty beard is also a common cause of itchy beards. When they are not washed thoroughly, problems like dandruff and acne can occur, leading to the itch. 

The obvious way to fix this problem is to wash more often. This means thoroughly washing your beard in the morning and the evening, keeping it dirt and bacteria-free. You may start to see your beard dry out. If that is the case, use warm water before you go to bed to get rid of any build-up. Also, beard oils and balms can ensure your beard stays moist while it gets the cleaning it needs to stay fresh.

Wrong tools

Sometimes, it is not the beard or the skin that is causing the itch. It might just be the tools you are using. Everyone's beard is different, meaning that different men will not necessarily need the same comb, oils, and products to care for their beards. For example, if you have a thick beard but use a fine comb, you might break the beard hair, leading to itching.

To ensure you are using the right tools for your beard, you must first understand it. You sjpi;d use a comb with fine teeth, whereas thicker beards will require larger teeth. When it comes to brushes, softer brushes go with thinner beards, while harder brushes work well with thick manes.


While beards are known to itch in their early growth phase, any itch that still remains after is most probably caused by one or more of the above factors. The easiest way to ensure your beard does not itch is to give it the care it needs. This means washing it thoroughly, applying the proper moisturizing products, and using the right tools. It may seem like a lot of effort, but others can deeply appreciate your beard when you show proper care for it. It goes a long way towards improving your look and health! 

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