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by Matthew Rotter August 30, 2020 3 min read

Not everyone is blessed with the bountiful bush of chin hair known as the beard. For some, it can take decades to grow something beyond what can only be considered as whiskers. The lucky few who are able to grow it quickly discover that there is more to a beard than just growing. That glorious mane of hair framing your face comes with its own set of grooming considerations, which is what you should know about to keep it in its best shape.

In this article, we will share three great tips and tricks about beard care, and how you can have a better relationship with the way your beard looks:

1. Accept your facial hair as it is

There are plenty of products in today’s market that claims to help with beard growth—and for good reason. Some people can only grow a full beard in their late 20s, while others only experience it in their 40s, and the unlucky few may never be able to grow anything other than a few thin hairs on the corners of their lips.

Whatever the case may be, you must accept the facial hair that you have. Growing a full beard takes time for many, and as such, it is best to work with what you have rather than waiting for hair to grow on the rest of your face. If you have uneven growth in certain areas, it might do you better to shave it down to a goatee or trim certain areas to match the overall appeal.

2. Keep it clean

Cleanliness is one of the most important aspects of beard care. A mane must look, feel, and smell clean as much as possible. All-natural beard washes might do well to give your face a softer feel and attractive smell.

However, it doesn’t stop there. Your beard should also have clean lines and be symmetrical, and be actively shaped to match your facial structure. Even the smallest trims can help improve your beard’s look by a large margin, making sure your hygiene is never in question. 

3. Use the right products

Although all-natural beard washes have been widely talked about, there are far more products that are essential to beard grooming, such as beard oil. It moisturizes the skin under the beard, preventing flaking and dryness. It also gives it a shinier look and better feel, and makes it easier to tame and groom. 

Likewise, beard balms are available for styling the beard, and beard conditioners are available on the market to help improve facial hair quality. 

A beard comb and brush are similarly necessary if you have a longer beard. These can help with trimming and symmetry, in addition to giving your beard that much-needed structure to make it sit on your face more easily. 


Beard care, once mastered, is not a complicated process as you might have initially expected. With the right products like all natural beard washes and beard oils, and enough practice, you can quite easily create a glorious crown of beautiful hair on your face. Beards, after all, while being an icon of masculinity and strength, deserve all the tender loving care you can give.

If you need the bestbeard products for your glorious mane of facial hair, send us at The Unshaved a message. We have a great selection of products for facial hair of all lengths!

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